Sunday, 10 May 2015

Capital City's News


May 1 - 2nd - Western Canadian Championships

Capital City had 17 athletes compete at Western Canadian Championships in Okotoks, AB on May 1st to 2nd.  Alberta was unbelievable and won gold in 6 out of the 7 categories.  Congrats to all our girls and coaches ... and a special thanks to Katie Castle for coming and being one of the CCGC team coaches at Westerns.

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P5 Tyro Team: (Emily Arcand & Erin Phillips)
- Team placed 1st
- Emily Arcand 2nd AA, 3rd on vault, 2nd on bars, and 1st on beam
- Erin Phillips 3rd AA, 1st on bar, and 3rd on floor

Pre-Novice Aspire: (Ricki Manahan)
- Team placed 1st
- Ricki Manahan came 2nd AA, 3rd on bars, 2nd on beam, and 1st on floor

Pre-Novice Elite: (Shae Romaniuk)
- Team placed 1st
- Shae Romaniuk got 2nd on bars

The following teams had Team and AA competition Day 1 and then the top 6 on each event made event finals on Day 2.

P5 Novice: (Hudsyn Arnold, Jordann Gratton, Grace Romaniuk)
- Team placed 1st
- Jordann Gratton 3rd AA and made bars and beam finals
- Grace Romaniuk made beam finals
- Hudsyn Arnold made bar finals

P5 Open: (Katie Chaput, Kreestel Lamoureux, Brooklyn Marsden, and Shaleisa Sawchuk)
- Team placed 1st
-  Kreestel Lamoureux finished 1st AA with a 54 AA score!  She also made all 4 event finals
- Katie Chaput came 2nd AA and made bars, beam, and floor finals
- Brooklyn Marsden made bars and floor finals

National Novice: (Elizabeth Holmstrom, Sarah Nicholls, and Aryana Porter)
- Team place 1st
- Aryana Porter tied for 3rd AA and made vault, bars, and beam finals
- Elizabeth Holmstrom made bar finals

National Open: (Chloe Harrison, Jordyn Sellin, and Raquel Tonn)
- Team came 3rd
- Chloe Harrison made vault and floor finals

Event Finals Medals:
- P5 Novice - Husdyn Arnold 3rd on bars
- P5 Open - Kreestel Lamoureux 3rd on bars, 2nd on beam, and 3rd on floor.  Katie Chaput 1st on beam and 2nd on floor.
- National Novice - Aryana Porter 1st on vault.
- National Open - Chloe Harrison 3rd on floor.

Capital City had a total of 42 medals from Westerns this year :)