Sunday, 31 March 2013

Trials to Westerns - Schedule & Information

FINAL Trials to Westerns Schedule
Session 1 – 8:00am-11:45am Pre Novice Aspire & Elite
Session 2 – 12:15pm-3:40pm National Novice & Open
Session 3 – 4:15pm-7:20pm P5 Tyro, Novice, & Open

** If your child makes the team to Westerns, you MUST attend one of the mandatory team meetings being held after session 2 and session 3.  (Sorry, CPN athletes, you’ll have to wait till after the second session to attend your meeting).**
Meeting Option 1: immediately following awards after session 2 (approximately 4:00pm)
Meeting Option 2: immediately following awards after session 3 (approximately 8:00pm)

Each meeting will take approximately ½ an hour, and will consist of handing in all signed medical waivers and forms (will be sent to all clubs next week) and getting sized for Teamwear.  The exact location for these meetings will be announced at the competition.


Monday, 25 March 2013

Northern Zones Results

Congratulations to all our girls who competed at Northern Zones in Grande Prairie on March 22nd to 24th.  Capital City had amazing results and we are so proud of all our girls who worked so hard to do well at this important meet.  We are thrilled to announce that ALL our girls who tried our for Provincials made it AND we won every category we were in!  Way to go CCGC!

Click here for full results.
Here are some highlights:
  • P1 Argo's
    • Brooklyn L. - 1st AA out of 18 competitors!  Brooklyn was also 2nd on vault and 1st on beam.
    • Katelyn L. - 3rd AA and 1st on vault.
  • P3 Argo
    • Emily A. - This was her first meet as a P3 Argo and she placed 1st AA at Zones!  Emily also got 1st on bars, 1st on beam, and 2nd on floor. 
  • P3 Tyro's
    • Brooklynn H. - Won 1st AA, 1st vault, 2nd on bars, and 1st on floor.
    • Swanice - Received 3rd AA, 3rd on bars, 1st on beam, and 3rd on floor.
    • Olivia - Placed 4th AA, 3rd on vault, and 1st on bars.
    • Hudsyn - Was 5th AA, 2nd on vault, and 2nd on floor.
    • Hallie - Got 6th place AA out of 18 athletes.

Alison B. - Full twist!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

LEAP Event at Champions Gymnastics

Capital City's LEAP Athletes participated in a LEAP Event at Champions Gymnastics on March 15-16th, 2013. Many of the girls were testing in a new level, or testing the skills component for the first time.  Congratulations to Syla, Rayna, Isabelle M., and Margarita for passing their Copper Physical. Catherine B., Makenna and Chloe C. all passed their Bronze Skills. Way to go girls! Shae passed her Silver Skills, and received her Silver pin! All our LEAP athletes have shown tremendous improvements throughout this season, and they have made all their coaches and parents very proud! The next LEAP Event the girls will be participating in is on May 10th and 11th hosted at Capital City! The theme will be Western Rodeo!

Hudsyn - Free hip to handstand!-

Shaleisa - Front full!

Kyle Shewfelt Gym Fest Results

Our Capital City girls competed at the Kyle Shewfelt Gym Fest from March 14-17th, 2013.  The competition had a fun vibe and the girls all had a great time.  Capital City rocked it again and placed in the top 3 All Around in 9 different categories!  Our women's program earned a total of 51 medals this weekend ... WOW!!

For full results click here.
Here are our highlights from the meet:

  • P3 Tyro A(2001's) - Brooklynn H. placed 1st AA, 2nd on vault, 2nd on bars, and 1st on floor.
  • P3 Tyro B (2002 & 2003's) 
    • Hudsyn placed 1st AA, 1st on vault, 3rd on bars, 1st on beam, and 3rd on floor
    • Hallie received 3rd AA
    • Olivia came 2nd on bars
    • Swanice placed 2nd on floor
    • Emily A went level 3 for the first time and competed with an older age category and did great!

  • National Open 
    • Sara M. placed 2nd AA out of 26 competitors, and 1st on bars.  Sara M. made bars, beam, and floor finals!
    • Chloe was 2nd on bars and made finals on this event.
  • Senior - Sam W. - was 4th on bars and made bar finals.

  • P5 Novice - Katie C. placed 2nd AA, 3rd on bars, 2nd on beam, and 3rd on floor
  • National Novice - Alyson A. won 1st AA, 1st on bars, 1st on beam, and 1st on floor

  • P4 Tyro - Juliana was 1st AA and was 1 whole point ahead of 2nd place!  She also got 3rd on bars, 2nd on beam, and 1st on floor.
  • P4 Novice - Shaleisa was also 1st AA out of 20 competitors, and 3rd on vault, 1st on bars, and 1st on floor.
  • P4 Open - Catherine D. placed 3rd AA, 1st on bars, and 2nd on floor.
  • THE BIG SHOW Event Finals
    • Sara M. placed 1st on bars, 2nd on floor, and 2nd on beam. Way to go Sara!!
    • Sam W placed 3rd on bars.
    • Chloe received bronze on bar.

  • P1 Argo A (2003's) - Brooklyn L. placed 2nd on bars
  • P1 Argo B (2004's) 
    • Isabel F. was 2nd AA out of 34 athletes and placed 1st on vault.
    • Adrienne placed 3rd AA 

  • PN Aspire
    • Grace competed PN bars for the first time and was 4th out of 40 competitiors
    • Erin was 2nd on bars
    • Jordann placed 3rd on bars
    • Sarah N. was 2nd AA and 2nd on beam
    • Alison was 3rd on beam
  • PN Elite - Aryana competed PN Elite for the 1st time and was 2nd on beam and 3rd on vault.

Jordann - Toe off to handstand!

Emerson - Cartwheel!

Ricki, Chloe, & Catherine B. - Standing back tuck!

Hallie - Handspring full onto table!

Olivia - Giant flyaway!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sweetheart Meet Results

Georgia's P1 Argo girls competed at Dynamyx's Sweetheart Meet on Feb 16th-17th, 2013.  Our 3 Capital City competitors had a great time and walked away with lots of medals!  Here are some highlights from the meet:

Adrienne: 1st AA out of 21 competitors! 2nd beam and 3rd floor
Brooklyn L.: 2nd AA out of 19 girls! 1st vault and 1st beam
Ainsley: 5th AA out of 19 athletes!  2nd bars

We also got second place for P1 team award :) 

Grace - Awesome bar day!

Giants on double bars for first time!

Full Pre-Novice bar routine without spot!

Samantha J. - Handstand over on bars!

Adrienne - Back handspring on beam!