Friday, 10 August 2012


Alyson A. - Yurchenko full attempt!

Diana - Yurchenko full attempt!

Raquel - Yurchenko full attempt!

Abigail - BHS layout!

Natalie - RO layout dismount!

Juliana - Front aerial!

Abigail - Side somi!

Katie C. - Front aerial side aerial!

Cassidi - Back tuck!

Juliana - Back tuck!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

July 28th - West Edmonton Mall Demo

The Hudson Bay Company asked CCGC to demo at their Olympic celebration at the West Edmonton Mall stage on July 28th. Thank you to all our girls who with short notice went and participated in it.  Our athletes were very entertaining and attracted many spectators.  And special thanks to Keenan and Tara for helping out at the demo.

Abigail - Switch leap 1/2 connected to back tuck!

Bella - Front handspring!