Monday, 23 February 2015

Grace R. & Kreestel - Blind change to front giant on double bars!

February 15 - 19th - Canada Winter Games

Alyson Arcand and Shaelyn Brown with coach Kristi Cloman were part of Team Alberta competing at Canada Winter Games in Prince George.  We are very proud of our two athletes for making this prestigious team and helping Alberta get 4th place at the quadrennial Canada Winter Games.

Highlights from the week:
  • Feb 15th - Team competition: The Alberta team placed 4th.  Alyson and Shae finished in the top 3 of their team and qualified to AA finals.  Shae also made vault finals.
  • Feb 17th - AA competition: Shae finished 11th AA!
  • Feb 19th - Event finals: Shae finished 4th on vault with a stunning yurchenko full!

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Shae's 4th place vault!

Feb 21 - 22nd - Sweetheart of a Meet

On February 21st to 22nd our Provincial level 1 to 3 athletes competed at Dynamyx Gymnastics Club.  It was a great weekend and CCGC won the 1st place team award for P1, P2, and P3!!!  Way to go girls!  Congratulations to all our athletes and to our AA medal winners:
  • P1 Argo (2005s) - Bella 2nd AA
  • P1 Argo (2006s) - Raeyah 1st AA, Anela 2nd AA, Margarita 3rd AA
  • P2 Argo - Dominic 1st AA
  • P2 Tyro (2003s) - Shane 1st AA
  • P2 Novice - Maria 1st AA
  • P3 Argo - Chloe C. 2nd AA
  • P3 Tyro - Jamie 1st AA
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Good luck to all out CCGC athletes who left to Canada Winter Games today!!

February 6th to 8th - Exelta Cup

Capital City went to their 2nd invitational of the season on February 6th to 8th in Red Deer.  The girls did an amazing job and everyone had great improvement from the last competition.  Capital City was very strong and we we are so proud of all our girls accomplishments.

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Congratulation to our All Around medal winner:

  • P1 Pre Argo - Margarita S. 2nd and Anela 3rd
  • P1 Argo - Bella B. 1st and Jorja G. 3rd
  • P2 Pre Argo - Dominic J. 1st and Rachel M. 3rd 
  • P2 Tyro 2003s - Brooklyn L. 1st and Shane M. 2nd 
  • P2 Novice - Alex A. 2nd 
  • P3 Tyro - Emmah D. 1st 
  • P3 Open - Kendra G. 1st 
  • P4 Novice - Olivia T. 1st
  • P5 Tyro - Emily A. 1st and Erin P. 2nd
  • P5 Novice - Jordann G. 1st
  • P5 Open - Brooklyn M. 1st and Katie C. 3rd
  • National Novice - Sarah N. 1st and Liz H. 2nd 

Kierra - Kip!

Grace T. - Free hip to handstand!

Hudsyn - Stalder!

Nadia - Cartwheel on beam!

Grace T. - Tsuk tuck!

Grace R. - Toe off to handstand!

Emma E. - Kip in straps!

Back walkovers on beam!

Emma E.