Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 17-19th - Alberta Provincial Championships

What an amazing weekend for our Capital City WAG program!!!  CCGC ladies had the highest number of Provincial Champions out of all the clubs in Alberta.  

We are proud to say:
37 athletes compete at Provincials
29 Provincial Titles
65 Medals
8 Provincial Champions 
8 Athletes qualify for Canadian Championships

Congratulations to all our athletes for their hard work this season!
Click here for full results.

Our 8 Provincial Champions:
- P2 Argo - Dominic Johnston
- P2 Novice - Maria Lavrinenko
- P3 Open - Kendra Gillett
- P4 Novice - Olivia Tyrrell
- P5 Tyro - Emily Arcand
- P5 Open - Katie Chaput
- National Novice - Aryana Porter
- HP Junior - Alyson Arcand

Our 8 Athletes who made Nationals:
- Alyson Arcand - HP Junior
- Shaelyn Brown - HP Junior
- Aryana Porter - NN Team
- Taelynn Nguyen - NN Team
- Elizabeth Holmstrom - NN Individual
- Jordyn Sellin - NO Team
- Abigail Fuller - NO Team
- Chloe Harrison - NO Individual

Kendra with her 3 coaches

Our cute PN girls

Our lovely P5 Novice/Opens

Our adorable P2 Argos

Our NN girls in their beautiful Day 2 suits

Our NO and HP gorgeous girls

WOW Alyson!

Our P2 Novice girls cleaned up!

P5 Tyro winners

So proud of these girls