Sunday, 25 May 2014

Good luck to all our athletes and coaches that are travelling to Nationals today!! And check out all the skills are girls are learning! 14 new videos posted today

Andrea - Long hang kip!

Grace T. - Layout 1/2!

Hudsyn - Toe off to handstand!

Olivia - Stalder in straps!

Juliana - Toe on toes off!

Hudsyn - Double twist!

Olivia - Back tuck!

Katie C. - Cross aerial!

Shae - Toes on catch!

Grace - Toes on catch!

Elizabeth - Blind change!

Johanna - RO BHS!

Emma E. - RO BHS!

Johanna - Side aerial!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Summit Invitational - May 2-4th

Some of our athletes competes in Canmore at the Summit Invitational May 2nd to 4th.  This was a great end of the year meet and many of our girls got to try a new level and some different skills.

Click here for full results

Here are some highlights:
  • P1 Argo (2004s) -  Tegan 4th AA
  • P2 Argo (2004s) - Samantha J. 1st on bars and floor, and 2nd AA. Jamie 1st on vault and 3rd AA.
  • P2 Argo (2005s) - Emily S. 2nd on beam and 3rd AA. Dela 3rd on vault and beam.
  • P2 Tyro A - Alexandria 1st on vault.
  • P2 Tyro B - Shane 1st on vault and floor.  Brooklyn L. 3rd on vault.
  • P3 Argo - Adrienne 3rd on vault, bars, 1st on floor, and 3rd AA.  Grace T. 5th AA.
  • P3 Tyro - Ariana 3rd on vault
  • P3 Novice - Kendra 1st on floor, 3rd AA.
  • P4 Argo - Shae 1st on every event and AA!
  • P5 Tyro - Emily A. 2nd on all events and AA
  • PN Aspire - Ricki 6th AA and did competed giants for her first time!

Grace R. - Triple twist off tramp!

Taelynn - Front layout front layout 1/1!

Dela - Sole circle jump to high bar!

Thursday, 1 May 2014