Monday, 30 March 2015

March 26-28th - UCIC

Capital City's P2 and up girls attended the University of Calgary International Cup last weekend.  We are proud of our athletes for putting forth such great effort into another weekend of tough competition. UCIC was a huge meet with packed sessions and was a great practice for Provincials.  Great job ladies!

Meet medal winners:
  • P2 Argo A - Andrea 2nd on VA.
  • P2 Argo B - Dominic 1st on BB, FX and AA, and 2nd on UB.  Rachel 3rd on UB and 2nd on FX.
  • P2 Tyro A - Shane 1st on VA, FX, and AA.  Brooklyn 2nd on VA and UB, and 3rd on BB.
  • P2 Tyro B - Samantha 3rd on UB and 2nd on FX. 
  • P2 Novice - Shayda 1st on BB, FX, and AA, and 2nd on FX.  Maria 1st on VA and UB, and 3rd AA.  Alex 1st on FX.
  • P3 Tyro A - Emmah 1st on BB.
  • P3 Tyro B - Jamie 1st on VA and UB, 3rd on FX, and 2nd AA.
  • P3 Open - Kendra 1st on VA, 2nd on UB, BB, FX, and AA.
  • P5 Tyro - Emily 1st on UB and AA, 2nd on BB and FX.  Erin 1st on VA and FX, and 2nd on UB and AA.
  • P5 Novice - Hudsyn 1st on UB.  Grace 3rd on BB. Jordann 3rd on UB.
  • P5 Open - Kreestel 2nd on FX and 1st AA.  Katie 3rd on UB and AA, and 1st on FX.  Brooklyn 3rd on UB and 1st on BB.
  • PN Elite - Shae 3rd on VA and FX, and 2nd on UB and AA.
  • National Novice - Sarah 3rd on UB.  Aryana 1st on UB.
  • National Open - Jordyn 2nd on UB, BB, and FX, and 1st AA.  Abigial 1st on UB.
  • HP Junior - Alyson 1st on UB, FX, and AA.  Shaelyn 1st on VA and BB.

Shaelyn, Alyson, Abigail, and Jordyn made event finals.  In finals Shaelyn did a sky high yurchenko full and beautiful bars to win first on both events.  Alyson did super bars and beam for 2nd on both.  Alyson also placed 3rd on vault with a great yurchenko full, and 3rd on floor.  Jordyn came 3rd with flawless bars and placed 2nd on floor.  Abigail stuck a great beam routine for 3rd place.  What a great show from our Capital City athletes. 

Click here for full results.

P5 Tyros - Erin & Emily

P5 Novice and Open selfie

Our finals girls 

Our P2 argo and novices

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mar 21-22nd - Trials to Westerns

Trials to Westerns had 91 athletes competing to determine Alberta's WAG teams to Western Canadian Championships later in May in Okotoks, Alberta.  All of our ladies trained extremely hard for this meet and we are proud of everyone's performance.  Capital City had outstanding results and is delighted to announce that we had 17 athletes make Westerns and earned 5 coaching spots.  We have the highest number of athletes per club and we have broken our own record of athletes making Westerns.  Congratulatuons girls!

Click here for full results.

Here our our athletes who will be representing Alberta:
  • P5 Tyro Team - Emily Arcand and Erin Phillips with coach Kim
  • P5 Novice Team - Hudsyn Arnold, Jordann Gratton, and Grace Romaniuk with coach Ashley
  • P5 Open Team - Brooklyn Marsden, Kreestel Lamoureux, Katie Chaput, and Shaleisa Sawchuk with coach Taren
  • PN Elite - Shae Romaniuk with coach Katie
  • PN Aspire - Ricki Manahan
  • National Novice - Elizabeth Holmstrom, Aryana Porter, and Sarah Nicholls 
  • National Open - Jordyn Sellin, Raquel Tonn, and Chloe Harrison with coach Kristi

Special recognition to our gold medal winners:
  • P5 Tyro - Emily Arnold AA. Erin Phillips on vault, bars, and floor.
  • P5 Novice - Hudsyn Arnold on floor.
  • P5 Open - Brooklyn Marsden on floor. Kreestel Lamoureux on bars. 
  • PN Elite - Shae Romaniuk AA.
  • National Novice - Elizabeth Holmstrom on floor.  Aryana Porter on vault.
  • National Open - Jordyn Sellin AA, bars and floor. 
PN Aspire Team

PN Elite - Shae 1st

P5 Tyro AA

P5 Novice AA

All of our P5 athletes - All 9 made westerns :)

National Novice girls

National Novice Team

National Open AA

Our P5's on their way to vault

P5 Open Team

Hudsyn - Double tuck on comp floor!

Elizabeth - Yurchenko layout!

Jorja - Bar routine with sole circle!

Samantha J. - Bar routine with sole circle!

Gabby - Back walkover on 1m beam!

Kendra - Back tuck on high beam!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Northern Zones - March 14-15th

Congratulations to all our CCGC athletes and coaches on an amazing job at Northern Zones last weekend.  We are so proud of all our gymnasts and their hard work at Zones.  Capital City had 12 athletes make Provincials by placing in the top 12 all around.  We also had 4 gymnasts finish 1st AA and CCGC won a team award in every level.

Click here for full result.

Medal winners from the weekend:
  • P1 Argo - Out of 41 athletes we had 5 gymnasts finish in the top 8!  Raeyah 2nd AA and 1st on floor.  Emma E. 3rd on floor. Bella 1st on vault.  Margarita 1st on floor.  Aliyah 2nd on vault.  Anela 1st on bars.
  • P2 Argo - Against 36 gymnasts Dominic was 1st on floor and 1st AA.  Andrea 2nd on vault. 
  • P2 Tyro - Shane 1st on vault and 3rd AA out of 52 athletes! Samantha 2nd on floor.  Brooklyn L. 3rd on vault.  Cassie 2nd on bars.
  • P2 Novice - Maria came 2nf on vault, 3rd on floor, and 1st on bars, beam, and AA.  Alex was 3rd on vault and floor, 2nd on beam and AA, and 1st on floor.  Shayda places 3rd on vault and 2nd on floor.
  • P3 Argo - Chloe C. places 2nd on bars.
  • P3 Tyro - Jamie came 1st on vault, bars, and AA, and 3rd on beam.
  • P3 Open - Kendra was 1st on bar, beam, and AA, 2nd on vault, and 3rd on floor.
Special Congratulations to our P2 and P3 athletes who made it to Provincials:  Dominic Johnston, Rachel Mallett, Andrea Paulino, Shane McHarg, Samantha Johnston, Chloe Cowell, Jamie Kaplan, Emmah Dorey, Maria Lavrinenko, Alex Abey, Shayda Bouzane, and Kendra Gillett.

P2 Argos

P2 Tyros

P1 Argos

P2 Novices

P3 Tyro and Opens

Ella - Bar routine!

Vera - Tic toc!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

March 6-8th - L'International Gymnix 2015

Our National ladies travelled to Montreal to compete at in L'International Gymnix.  Gymnix is a highly competitive competition that brings out athletes from all over the world.  This competition was great experience for our athletes as they got to compete against athletes from all over Canada.  Congratulations to all our girls!  

For full results click here.

Meet highlights:
  • Pre-Novice Elite - Shae came 4th on beam, 5th on floor,  and 9th AA.  Shae has the highest Alberta AA score, and the Junior National coach complemented her beautiful floor dance. 
  • Pre-Novice Aspire - Ricki came 3rd on bars, 1st on beam, 4th on floor, and 2nd AA!  Ricki has stunning beam with only 0.7 in execution.  
  • National Novice - Liz places 2nd on vault, 6th on bars, 2nd on floor, and 3rd AA.  Liz had super powerful vault and floor.  Sarah was 7th on vault, 3rd on bars, 7th on floor, and 6th AA.  Sarah competed her double layout on bars for the first time!  Taelynn was 6th on beam and 7th AA.  Taelynn has beautiful stuck beam!  Aryana came 4th on bars and 3rd on beam with a great stick.  Grace competed for her first time this season and we are very proud of her.  Grace also hit her bar routine!
  • National Open - Jordyn came 5th on floor.  Abigail was 3rd on bars with a great routine!

Our National Novices getting some energy before the meet!

Our National Opens

Ricki's gold medal for beam! Scored 13.3 out of a 14.0

Shae on podium bars

Run into Olympian, Victoria Moors during training on Thursday

Maisy - RO BHS!


Cartwheel back tuck!

RO BHS back tuck!

Abby T. - Getting P1 bars together!

Audrey - RO BHS back tuck!


Cartwheel back tuck!

RO BHS back tuck!

Alyiah - Back walkover!

Margarita - Back walkover!