Monday, 30 April 2012

2012 Western Canadian Championships Information

Session 1: Friday, May 4 (9:00am - 11:15am)
Provincial Open and Provincial Novice (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)

Opening Ceremonies: Friday, May 4 (12:10-12:30) 

Session 2: Friday, May 4 (1:10pm - 3:30pm)
National Novice (Women's Artistic Gymnastics) & High Performance Argo, Level 4 (Men's Artistic Gymnastics)

Session 3: Friday, May 4 (6:00pm - 8:30pm)
National Open (Women's Artistic Gymnastics) & National Youth, National Open (Men's Artistic Gymnastics)

Session 4: Saturday, May 5 (9:00am - 11:15am)
Provincial Tyro, Pre-Novice Elite and Pre-Novice Aspire (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)

Session 5: Saturday, May 5 (1:10pm - 3:30pm)
EVENT FINALS: Provincial Novice & Open, National Novice & Open (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)
EVENT FINALS: High Performance Argo, Level 4, National Youth & Open (Men's Artistic Gymnastics)


On Saturday, May 5, at 1:00pm, the 2012 Western Canadian Gymnastics Championships will begin a full broadcast of the apparatus finals live on the internet.  Details will be posted on the EVENT WEBSITE soon.

Ticket Prices
Adult: Day Pass - $10.00, Competition Pass - $18.00
Student/Senior: Day Pass - $5.00 [Student=ages 6-18 or valid student ID card)]
Family :Day Pass - $25.00, Competition Pass - $40.00  [Family=2 adults & 2 student/seniors]
Under 6 free 
Please note that admission is cash only. Credit cards are not accepted.

Monday, 23 April 2012

2012 Provincial Championships Highlights

Capital City has 4 Provincial Champions this year and 5 girls attending Nationals! With MAG and WAG combined CCGC has 8 Provincials Champions.  We are happy to announce that our club has the most Provincial Champs per club in Alberta!  Great work to all athletes and coaches who contributed to these great accomplishments.  Meet highlights:

National Girls - Day 2 Suits
Provincial 2 Argo-
Hallie 3rd AA, 2nd on beam and floor
Swanice 6th AA 1st on beam and floor
Olivia 7th on bars and 8th on floor

Provincial 3 Argo-
Aryana 1st AA, 1st on vault and beam, 2nd on floor

Provincial 3 Tyro-
Natalie 1st AA, 1st on beam, 3rd on vault
Cassidi 8th AA, 4th on bars
Brooklynn H. really nice bars and powerful vault
Juliana had great bars and dance on floor

Provincial 4 Tyro-
Shaleisa competed 2 events and finished 4th on bars

Provincial 4 Open-
Catherine 1st on bars and 3rd on beam

Provincial 5 Novice-
Raquel 2nd AA, 3rd on bars, beam and floor
Katie 6th AA, 2nd on beam
Brooklyn M. 6th on vault and 4th on floor

Provincial 5 Open-
Taylor 8th AA and 3rd on bars
Alex 3rd on floor and 6th on vault

National Novice-
Ayrie 6th AA, 2nd on beam, 3rd on vault
Alyson 8th AA, 7th on bars, 8th on vault
Abigail 4th on floor
Chloe 4th on vault

Pre-Novice Aspire-
Nicole 5th AA, 4th on floor
Erin 4th on vault, 8th on floor
Emma P. 7th on floor
Jordann, Alison, Emmah and Sarah all improved their scores from their previous competitions and some had their highest all around finishes ever!

Pre-Novice Elite-
Kiana 1st AA, 1st on vault and floor, 2nd on bars and 3rd on floor
Diana 2nd AA, 1st on bars, 2nd on beam and floor, 3rd on vault

National Open-
Brielle 5th AA, 4th on beam, 3rd on floor
Sam W. 5th on bars
Brooke W. 8th on bars

Special Awards (given by the judges):
Best Choreography Floor:  Swanice, Aryana, Abigail, and Kiana
Best Choreography Beam: Abigail and Aryana
Most Dynamic Bars: Diana
Most Dynamic Vault: Kiana and Aryana

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Shaw TV came to Capital City this morning to do a Segment on our gym.  All our National girls and boys attended the taping.  Shaw TV will be showing the piece on and off all day tomorrow on channel 10.  Be sure to record the station and check it out!

The reporter, Dana even put on our CCGC bodysuit!

Monday, 16 April 2012

North Edmonton LEAP Event

Congrats to all our LEAP girls who tested this past weekend at North Edmonton Gymnastics Club.  Here are some of the highlights from the event:
  • Samantha J. and Chrizel received their Copper pins!
  • Katie Lake got her Bronze pin!
  • Bella passed her Bronze Physical on her first time testing it!
  • Emily passed her Bronze Skills!
  • Emily, Isabelle, Catherine, and Ainsley tested Bronze Physical for their first times and did great!
  • Ricki tested Copper Skills for her first time and was very close to passing!

Emily - Side aerial!

Diana - Back giant 1/2 turn!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Movie/Game Night!

Location: Capital City Gymnastics
Time: 7:30-10:30pm
Date: Friday, April 27th
Cost: $10/person, money raised going to the Canadian Breast Cancer association.

Please visit our website to vote for the movie you would like to watch.  Event for ages 6 and up.  Come and bring your friends, it should be a great time! J

Alex - BHS back tuck!

Emmah D. - Giants!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Back Handspringers!

Taren/Katrina's LEAP girls can all do BHS without spot now.  Way to go girls! 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Olivia - Front tuck RO BHS!

Kiana - Yurchenko tuck!

Natalie - Free hip to handstand!

LEAP Training Changes - April 13&14th

There will be some changes to training the weekend of April 13th and 14th due to the LEAP event this weekend and a Comp Mock meet happening on Saturday.

  • Taren's  LEAP group - cancelled on Saturday, April 14th
  • Georgia's LEAP group - cancelled on Friday, April 13th.  And Saturday, April 14th will be from 9:00-12:00pm.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Saturday, April 14th - Comp Mock Meet

There will be a Mock Meet on Saturday, April 14th for ALL Comp girls competing at Provincials.  Please see the information below for details:
  • Warm up will start at 11:30am - please do not be late. 
  • Competition will be from 12:00-4:00pm.
  • Gymnasts will wear CCGC warm up suit or comp suit.
  • Each athlete is required to bring $10.00 to the office before April 13th.  Money will be used to pay the judges that will be coming.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Provincials Schedule & Training Schedule for April 20th to 22nd

*** The Provincials Schedule has CHANGED and the Bulletin on the AGF website is not correct anymore.  Please see the REVISED training and competition schedules below:


  • Georgia's LEAP schedule will stay the same this weekend.
  • Taren's LEAP group - training on Saturday, April 21st will be from 1:00-4:00pm with Katrina.


Friday, April 20th:
  • No training for any comp girls
 Saturday, April 21st:
  • All National & P5 girls - train 1:00-4:00pm at CCGC
  • No training for any other comp girls


Friday, April 20th

Session W1 Women’s Provincial 2: Argo (24) General Warm-up 8:00 AM – 8:20 AM Competition 8:25 – 9:45 AM Awards 10:00 AM 

Session W3 Women’s Provincial 3: Open (18) Women’s Provincial 4: Tyro (8) General Warm-up 12:15 – 12:35 PM Competition 12:40 – 2:30 PM Awards 2:45 PM

Session W4 Trials to Canadian Championships Day 1 Women’s National Novice (18) Women’s HP (2) General Warm-up 2:45 - 3:15 PM Competition 3:20 PM – 5:20 PM No Awards

Opening Ceremony
5:30 PM — 5:45 PM

Session W5 Trials to Canadian Championships Day 1 Women's National Open (26) General Warm-up 6:00PM-6:30PM Competition 6:35PM - 9:10 No Awards

Saturday, April 21

W6 Women’s Canadian Pre Novice Aspire (34) Elite (7) General Warm up 8:00 – 8:20AM Competition 8:25 AM – 12:15 PM Awards 12:30 PM

Session W7 Women's Provincial 3: Tyro (24) Women's Provincial 3: Argo (4) General Warm-up 12:30 – 12:50 PM Competition 12:55 – 2:45 PM Awards 3:00 PM

Sunday, April 22nd

Session W11 Trials to Canadian Championships Day 2 / Provincial Championships Women’s National Novice (18) Women’s HP (2) P5 Tyro (3) General Warm-up 8:00 – 8:20 AM** Competition 8:25 – 10:40 AM Awards 10:55 AM

Session W12 Trials to Canadian Championships Day 2 / Provincial Championships Women’s National Open (26) General Warm-up 10:45 – 11:05 AM** Competition 11:10 AM – 1:40 PM Awards 1:55 PM

Session W13 Women's Provincial 5: Novice (14) Women's Provincial 5: Open (17) General Warm up 2:00 – 2:20 PM Competition 2:25 – 4:35 PM Awards 4:50 PM

Session W14 Women's Provincial 4: Novice (15) Women's Provincial 4: Open (11) General Warm up 4:45 – 5:05 PM Competition 5:10 – 7:05 PM Awards 7:20 PM

Easter Weekend Training Changes (April 6th to 9th)

  • Katie/Ovidiu's Group - Fri, April 6th and Mon, April 9th 9:00-1:00pm.  NO training Sat, April 7th.
  • Krystal's Comp Group - Fri, April 6th 1:00-5:00pm.  NO training Sat, April 7th.  Mon, April 9th 10:00-2:00pm.
  • Taren's Comp Group - Fri, April 6th 1:00-5:00pm.  NO training Sat, April 7th.  Mon, April 9th 9:00-1:00pm.
  • Tara's Comp Group - Normal training, no changes to days or times.
  • PN Group - Fri, April 6th 9:00-1:00pm.  No training Sat, April 7th.  
  • Georgia's LEAP Group - Fri, April 6th and Sat, April 7th normal times.  NO training Mon, April 9th.   
  • Taren/Katrina's LEAP Group - Fri, April 6th 10:00-1:00pm.  NO training Sat, April 7th or Mon, April 9th.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trials to Westerns Results

Capital City had a very exciting day in Airdrie on Sunday, April 1st at Trials to Westerns.  Capital City had a total of 11 girls make Western Canadian Championships, and also earned 3 team coaching spots!  Here are some highlights from the competition:

PN Aspire:
  • Nicole was 2nd on vault, 3rd on bars and 5th AA.
  • Emma P. was 5th on bars and 7th on vault.
  • Nicole made the PN Aspire AB Westerns Team!
PN Elite:
  • Diana came home with 5 medals and was 1st AA
  • Kiana did a super bar routine and got 1st on bars and 3rd AA
  • Diana and Kiana made the PN Elite AB Westerns Team!
P5 Novice:
  • Our P5 Novices rocked it, and 3 of our girls placed in the top 4 out of 19 girls.
  • Raquel was 3rd on vault, 3rd on floor and 2nd all around
  • Katie had a phenomenal meet and finished 1st AA and also received silver on bars and beam. 
  • Abigail was 1st on beam and floor, and finished 4th AA.
  • Brooklyn M. placed 5th on floor.
  • Raquel, Katie, and Abigail made the P5 Novice AB Westerns Team!
P5 Open:
  • Alex placed 2nd on beam and 4th AA out of 16 girls.
  • Alex made the P5 Open AB Westerns Team!
National Novice:
  • Alyson A. finished 3rd on beam and floor, 3rd AA.
  • Ayrie received 2nd on beam and 5th AA.
  • Paige was 3rd on vault and 2nd on bars.
  • Chloe was 6th on beam and 7th on floor.
  • Alyson and Ayrie made the NN Alberta Westerns Team!
National Open:
  • Rachel did a really nice bar routine and placed gold on bars and 4th AA.
  • Sara M. made a top 10 finish in her first meet of the year and first time as a National Open.
  • Brooke W. was 4th on bars and 7th AA.
  • Rachel and Brooke W. made the NO Alberta Westerns Team!
Good luck to all our athletes who will be representing Alberta at Westerns in Langley, BC on May 3rd to May 6th.  

Samantha J. & Chrizel - Front tucks!

Ricki - Back walkover on beam!