Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Monday, 26 March 2012

Catherine B. - Cartwheel on the medium beam!

Brooklynn Hyland on the Gymnastics Coaching website again! Great pic :)

Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Festival Results

  • P2 Argo - Hallie scored 12's on three events and Olivia scored two 12's.  Swanice had her highest floor mark of the year scoring a 12.7.
  • P3 (1st year) Tyro's - Brooklynn and Juliana both had very consistent scores with top ten finish on all events and were 8th and 9th AA.  Brooklynn received a bronze medal on floor!
  • P3 (2nd year) Tyro's - Natalie had a great meet and came home with 4 medals.  Natalie got 1st AA, 2nd on bars, 1st on beam, and 3rd on floor.  Cassidi got a silver on vault, 5th on floor, and 8th AA.  
  • Pre-Novice Aspire - Emmah's first meet ever and she stuck her series on beam!  Sarah and Erin tied for 5th on floor.  Erin stuck her beam routine and Sarah landed her flyaway.  Jordann landed her front handspring front tuck on floor and Alison was very consistent on all 4 events.  Capital City has the youngest competitors on the floor during the pre-novice session!  

Monday, 19 March 2012

Northern Zones Result

Capital City had 8 girls competing at Northern Zones in P2 and P3, and we are excited to announce that all 8 of them made Provincials!  Way to go girls!  All our Pre Novices also competed at Zones for experience and another invitational.  Click here for the weekends full result.   Here at our highlights from the weekend:

P2 Argo:
·        Olivia had her best meet of the year finishing 3rd on bars and beam, and 2nd AA.
·        Hallie placed 3rd on bars and vault, and finishing 4th AA.
·        Swanice was 1st on bars, 3rd on floor, and 6th AA

P3 Argo:
·        It was Aryanna’s first meet with Capital City, and she did great!  Aryanna won vault, came second on bars and floor, and was 3rd AA.

P3 Tyro:
·        Juliana placed 2nd on vault.
·        Brooklynn received a silver medal on floor.
·        Natalie was 1st on bars and vault.
·        Cassidi had really nice bars and vault.

PN Aspire:
·        Nicole finished 2nd AA and won 2nd on floor and 3rd on bars.
·        Emma finished 5th AA having her most consistent meet and sticking her beam routine for the first time this season!
·        Erin placed 3rd on floor.
·        Jordann, Erin, Sarah and Alison competed bars for the first time and all made their giants.

PN Elite:
·        Kiana hit all 4 events, winning gold AA. She also competed her double tuck dismount off bars for the first time.
·        Diana performed a beautiful beam routine scoring a 15.467!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chrizel - Back walkover on beam!

Hallie - Front layout!

Spring Break Training - March 26th to March 31st

  • Georgia's LEAP Group - No changes to training days or times this week.  
  • Taren/Katrina's LEAP Group - No changes to training days or times this week.
  • Tara's Group - Tuesday and Wednesday 3:30-7:30pm, Thursday 11:00-3:00pm, Friday 10:00-2:00pm, Saturday is OFF
  • Taren's Comp Group - Monday to Friday 12:00-4:00pm. Saturday OFF.
  • Katie & Ovidiu's Group - Monday to Saturday 9:00-1:00pm.
  • PN Group - Monday 11:00-3:00pm with Katie, Tuesday 1:00-5:00pm with Krysal, Thursday 10:00-2:00pm with Katie, Friday 1:00-5:00pm with Krystal, and Saturday is OFF.
  • Krystal's Older Group - Monday 10:00-2:00pm, Tuesday - 9:00-1:00pm, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00-2:00pm, Friday and Saturday 9:00-1:00pm.  

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pink Invitational Results

We would like to give a huge Thank-you to all who participated in our Think Pink fundraising campaign. Our competitive women's team was able to attend the Unite for Her / Think Pink Invitational Competition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 23 - 26th. We had over 20 gymnasts from our club attend with over 2100 other gymnasts from across the USA. Our club was the only Canadian team to attend and was able to raise $7000 USD for the cause, which also placed our team in 2nd place for the "Above and Beyond" team challenge for Fundraising. The top 3 teams in the challenge were able to choose the charity that a portion of our funds would be donated to, so we chose the Edmonton Cross Cancer Institute and Unite for Her will donate the funds in our name. This event raised over $60,000 for Breast Cancer research!! This cause is very close to our hearts, well done ladies!!!

The Pink Invitational was a good time had by all.  The meet had a beautiful venue, was very well organized, and was a great experience for all our girls.  The meet organizers were very excited to have our Canadian team there and made us feel very welcome ... they even played the Canadian anthem for us during the Level 10 session.  During the Level 9 awards they presented us with our Above and Beyond Team Challenge Award for being the 2nd place fundraising team.  The presentation was very special and they awarded us with a framed award, club banner, and spotting box.  When were were not in the gym we had fun exploring the city of Philadelphia - lots of history and yummy food.  

Meet highlights:
  • Diana Dick and Marisa Dick placed 1st AA in their categories.
  • Diana Dick competed and landed her yurchenko tuck for the first time.
  • Abigail Fuller competed her new blind change full and did a great routine.
  • Level 7 -  Emma Payne received 3rd on floor.
  • Level 8 - Diana Dick was 1st AA, 1st on bars, and 2nd on vault and beam.  Isabelle Law and Kiana Orom were 1st and 2nd on floor.  Brooklyn Marsden also received 1st on floor.  
  • Level 9 - Taylor Cannard got 2nd on bars.
  • Level 10 - Marisa - 1st AA, 1st on bars, 2nd on vault and floor, and 3rd on beam.  Paige Romano - 1st on beam and 3rd on vault, bars, and floor.  Samantha Ward was 1st on bars and 3rd AA.
  • Team Awards - Level 8s - 3rd place, Level 9s 4th place, and Level 10s 3rd place.

Click here for the meets full results.  

 Training on Thursday, Feb 23rd

3 gym venue

Juliana, Nicole, and Emma - Level 7's

 Our Level 9's 

 We were the 2nd place fundraising team!

Sam W. - First place bars!

Our coaches at Pink

Picture with Shannon Miller Yahh!

Emily - Front walkover on beam!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Saturday, March 17th - Training Changes

  • No training for girls that compete this Saturday
  • Krystal's Pre Novice group plus Emma Payne and Nicole Lavin train 1:00-4:00pm.  Short training because competition is the next day.
  • Isabelle Law train 1:00-5:00pm with Taren's Comp group

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Trials to Westerns - tentative schedule

Sunday, April 1st, 2012:

8:00am - P5 Tyro, CPN Aspire / Elite

12:00am - National Novice / Open

3:30pm - P5 Novice / Open

Airdrie Edge
800 East Lake Blvd.
South Entrance to Genesis Place

General Admission $5
Kids 10 and under $3
Tots 2 and under Free

Available during each session:
50/50 Draw
Raffle Items drawn at the end of each session
(many great item up for grabs)

Near by Hotels:
Super 8 Hotel  (403)-948-4188   
Across the street from the competition

Ramada  (403)-945-1288
One block from the competition

Holiday Inn Express (403)-912-1952
About 5 Blocks from the competition

Near by Food:
In the building:
Cafe Fresh Select
Booster Juice
Choices with Starbucks coffee

Within a block:
Tim Horton's
Extreme Pita

Katy L. - Kip!

Hallie - Back layout!

Brooklyn L. - Side aerial!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Alyson A. - Full twisting double dismount off bars onto mat!

Northern Zones Schedule

At St. Albert Gymnastics Club
2A Riel Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 5C8, Canada

Saturday, March 17
Session 1 – 9:00 am: P2 Novice:29, P2 Open: 11

Session 2 – 12:30pm: P2 Argo: 13, P2 Tyro: 40

Session 3 – 5:30pm: P3 Tyro: 14, P3 Novice: 15, P3 Open: 15

Sunday, March 18
Session 4 – 9:00am: P1 Argo: 27,  P1 Novice: 7

Session 5 – 12:00pm: P1 Tyro: 19, P3 Argo: 4, CPN Aspire: 11, CPN Elite: 2