Monday, 15 December 2014

Canada Winter Games Trials - December 13th & 14th

Our club hosted Canada Winter Game Trials / Elite Canada Screening on December 13th and 14th.  The meet was a huge success and a big thank you to all the parents, coaches, and athletes who helped make this event run smoothly.  

Elite Canada Screening:
Alyson Arcand and Shaelyn Brown were screening to make the Junior score to go to Elite Canada.  They both surpassed the score with flying colors and will be attending Elite Canada in February. 

Canada Winter Game Trials:
Six of Kristi's athletes tried out for Canada Winter Games.  This was a 2 day trials and the top 6 combined AA scores made the team.  Canada Winter Games only happens every 4 years and we are very excited to announce that Alyson Arcand and Shaelyn Brown made the team and Jordan Sellin is the team alternate.  All 6 of our athletes performed outstanding and we couldn't be more proud of each of them.  It was a very exciting meet to watch our national girls compete for the first time this year and hit so many beautiful routines.  Shaelyn and Alyson hit 8 out of 8 routines and came 1st and 2nd AA!!!  Kristi earned the first coaching spot for the team.  Canada Winter Games will be in Prince George Feb 13th to Mar 1st.  

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Kendra - Giant flyaway!

Ariana H. - Giant flyaway!

Chloe C. - P3 bar routine!

Elizabeth - Stalder catch!

Elizabeth - Endo!

Cally - Kip!

Katrina - RO BHS back tuck and kip!

Talitha - Kip!

Audrey - P1 bar routine!

Chloe C., Rachel, & Dominic - Standing back tucks!

Jordann G. - Double twist!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Shae - 1 1/2 twist!

Ricki - FHS front layout!

Katie C. - 1 1/2 twist punch front!

Alberta athletes travel to China for the 2014 Artistic World Championships in Nanning, China

Kristi and six of our women gymnasts joined other Alberta athletes on memorable trip to China. The 2 week trip started with training's in various facilities in China and concluded with watching the 45th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Nanning, China.  They got to see our own athletes, Jackson Payne (representing for Canada) and Bobby Kriangkum(representing for Thailand) compete on the World stage.  Bobby and Jackson had remarkable results and we are so proud of them.  The trip was a wonderful experience to see China and watch live the best gymnasts in the World.  

CCGC girls at National Training Center in Beijing

Alyson's triple twist at NTC

National Training Center

Wow Kendra!

At the rice fields

Girls at Summer Palace

At the Great Wall

At the temple

In Shanghai

Toshi & Kristi

Bobby at Worlds

Bobby's vault at Worlds

Kris and Bobby after competition