Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Las Vegas Meet Results

Capital City went with 26 athletes to the 2013 Brestyan's Invitational in Las Vegas from Feb 22nd to 24th.  This meet was a great experience for our girls to compete out of the country and to adapt to new rules and try some new skills.  The competition went well and we all had a great time in Vegas.  Here are some pictures and highlights from the meet:

  • Everyone competed in a new level different from Canada, that required changes to their Canadian routines.  Everyone adapted very well!
  • Our PN girls competed vault without a table of mats behind the vault for their first time
  • Emmah Dorey competed for the first time this year
  • Aryana Porter did performed her tsuk for her first time
  • Lots of our level 7 and 8 girls did free hip on bars for their first time
  • Catherine Dubios was 2nd AA in level 8
  • Sam Ward was 1st AA in Level 10 Senior
  • Marisa Dick was 2nd AA in Level 10 Junior
  • Our level 10's won the first place team award

Some of our Level 7's with Olympic coach Mihai Brestyan

More of our Level 7's

Our Level 8 girls

Our level 9 and 10 ladies

We won the level 10 team award!

Olympians' Alicia Sarcamone and Aly Raisman signing signatures for our girls

Our cuties at the dance

Our crazy Canadian girls going swimming at the cold pool party! 
(We were the only club in the outdoor pool)

Kris, Alyson, and Chloe at Mystere

Syla - Back walkover on beam!

Isabelle M. - Back walkover on beam!

Feb 20th to 26th Videos

Catherine B. - BHS back tuck!

Isabelle M. - Straddle off!

Dominic - Straddle off!

Makenna - Jump to high bar!

Yasmine - Handspring!

Brooklyn L. - Handstand back walkover back tuck!

Yasmine - Kip routine!

Isabel F. - Kip routine!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

We made 2 kips today!!!

Ricki - First kip!

Chloe C. - First kip!

Congratulations to the following athletes who in January had 100% attendance and no lates!

Raquel Tonn
Katie Chaput
Abigial Fuller
Juliana Minervini
Catherine Buckler
Chloe Cowell
Isabelle Myers 

Catherine B. - Kip in straps!

Emily A. - Sole circle jump to high bar!

Emily A. - Front to back!

Hema - RO BSH!

Brooklyn L. - RO BHS back tuck!

Adrienne - RO BHS back tuck!

Emily A. - Layout 1/2!

Samantha J. - Kip with straight arms!

Samantha J. - BHS back tuck!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Elite Canada Results

Capital City, Salto, and Alberta Gymnastics held the prestigious Elite Canada at Millennium Place from February 7th to 10th.  Thank you to all our athletes who came out to support Alyson Arcand and Elite Canada last weekend. It was very exciting to watch the highest level of gymnastics in Canada and to see how far you can go in the sport of gymnastics.  

Alyson Arcand came 12th All Around out of 31 of Canada's best young athletes.  Alyson was very consistent and was able to perform a remarkable beam routine on day 1 and day 2.  Alyson placed 2nd on beam and on day 2 she had the highest beam score of all the competitors.  Due to Alyson's great results she has been named as one of Canada's High Performance Novices.  Great work Alyson, we are so proud of you!

Click here for full results.  
Alyson's fans!

Alyson's Beautiful Day 2 Suit

Alyson 2nd Place on Beam!

Katie L & Ainsley - Bar routine with kip!

Katie L. - Side aerial!

Aryana - tsuk tuck!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Exelta Cup Results

Capital City had another strong performance at Exelta Cup in Red Deer on Feb 1st to 3rd.  Our ladies came home with a total of 45 medals!  Here are some highlights from the weekend:

Click here for the full results.

  • P2 Argo 
    • Emily Arcand - 3rd on bars, and 7th AA out of 23 athletes
  • PN Aspire - our PN girls kicked some butt and had fantastic results against 25 athletes
    • Sarah Nicholls - 2nd on vault, and 1st on bars, beam, floor, and AA
    • Erin Phillips - 3rd on vault, 2nd on beam, floor, and AA
    • Aryana Porter - 2nd on bars, and 3rd on beam and AA
    • Jordann Gratton - 3rd on floor, and 7th AA
    • Alison Berkenbosch - 3rd on beam, and 8th AA
    • Grace Romanuik - 8th on beam

  • P3 Tyro - these girls stood out amongst a large category of 22 athletes
    • Brooklynn Hyland - 1st on vault, 3rd on floor, and 1st AA
    • Hudsyn Arnold - 2nd on vault, 1st on bars, and 2nd AA
    • Hallie Lyons -  1st on beam, 2nd on floor, and 4th AA
  • P4 Tyro
    • Juliana Minervini - 3rd on vault, 2nd on bars, and 1st on beam, floor, and AA
  • P4 Novice 
    • Shaleisa Sawchuk - 1st on bars and floor, and 3rd AA
  • P4 Open 
    • Catherine Dubios - 1st on bars and floor, and 3rd AA
  • P5 Novice
    • Katie Chaput - 3rd on vault, 2nd on beam and floor, and 3rd AA
  • P1 Argo -A large total of 33 athletes and check out our ladies results:
    • Isabel Fuller - 2nd AA
    • Adrienne Lee - 2nd on floor and 9th AA
  • P1 Pre-Argo - Against 24 girls and ours did so well!
    • Ainsley Wallace - 3rd on vault and bars, and 2nd AA
    • Brooklyn Law - 1st of vault, and 3rd AA
    • Katie Lake - 2nd on vault, and 9th AA

Winter Wonderland LEAP Event

On January 19th and 20th Capital City hosted our first LEAP Event of the season. The theme was Winter Wonderland, and the Capital City athletes had a great time cutting out and painting snowflakes to decorate the gym with. The Provincial and National girls also painted snowmen on the mirrors to go with the theme. 

There were 6 participating clubs, including Airdrie, Champions, Horizon, North Edmonton, Salto and Capital City.   There was a total of 57 athletes that came for the event. All of our copper athletes tested for their very first time, and they all did great! Many of our girls moved up and tested Bronze for the first time at this event as well. Ricki M. passed both her Copper components at this event, congrats Ricki!  The event ran smoothly both days and was a complete success!