Friday, 31 May 2013

2013 Canadian Championships Results

Our women's program had 5 girls make Alberta's delegation to Nationals. Nationals was held at Carleton University in Ottawa from May 19th to 25th.  Highlights from the week:

 Click here for full results.

  • Wed, May 22 - Alyson Arcand competed on Alberta's National Novice team.  Kristi Cloman was team coach of this team with Janna Ball.  Our National Novice team placed 3rd in the team competition.  Alyson A. qualified in 9th place to HP Novice AA / Event Finals.  
  • Thur, May 23 AM - Abigail Fuller and Sara McLean competed in the morning as Alberta Individual Opens.  Abigail qualified to AA / Event Finals in 4th place and Sara M. in 11th place.  Abigail also won the floor choreography award out of all the National Opens.  Congrats Abi and her choreographer, Katie Castle!  
  • Thur, May 23 PM - Samantha Ward and Marisa Dick competed on Alberta's National Open team.  Ovidiu Serban was team coach with Jeremy Mosier. Our National Open team placed 2nd in the team competition, and was only 0.875 behind Ontario. Marisa qualified to AA / Event Finals in 1st PLACE and Samantha W. in 7th place.  

  • Fri, May 24th AM - Alyson competed in HP Novice AA / Event Finals.  Alyson finished 11th AA and 4th on beam.
  • Fri, May 24th PM - Abigail and Sara M. competed in Open (13-15 yr) AA / Event Finals.  Abigail placed 4th on bars.  Sara M. was 13th AA.

  • Sat, May 25th - Marisa and Sam W. competed in the Open (16+) AA / Event Finals.  Marisa was 1st on floor!  She also was 4th AA, 8th on vault, 7th on bars, and 8th on beam.  Samantha W. placed 12 AA, 5th on bars, and 6th on floor.  

Monday, 27 May 2013

Ainsley - Tic toc!

Isabel F. - Tic toc!

Alison B. - Full twist!

Erin P. - 1 1/2 Twist!

Grace - Full twist!

Aryana - Double tuck on comp floor!

Sarah N. - Front aerial!

Sorry for the overload of video posts!! I was away at Nationals for a week without WiFi. Happy video watching :)

Western Rodeo LEAP Event - May 11th & 12th

Capital City hosted our second LEAP Event of the season on May 11th and 12th. The Theme was Western Rodeo and all the girls participated in a fun flash mob line dance and received sparkly cowgirl hats! We had 6 clubs participate and a total of 57 athletes.

Highlights from the LEAP Event were Samantha J., Emily S., Makenna P., Bella B., and Catherine B. received their Bronze Pin. Emerson L., Isabelle M., Margarita S., Rayna N., and Raeyah H. for received their Copper Pin! Congratulations girls! Jorja G. won the Line Dancing Contest on Saturday for being the most expressive dancer!

Taryn - BHS to stomach!

Isabelle M. - Front tuck!

Taryn - Front tuck!

Andrea - Tic toc!

Ricki - Tuck on jump to high bar to long hang pullover!

Margarita - Tuck on jump to high bar!

Dominque - Back hip circle!

Cally - Front walkover!

Grace - Tsuk tuck!

Jordyn - Side aerial on high beam!

Erin P. - Front front!

Emily S. - Long hang kip!

Makenna - RO BHS back tuck!

Emily S. - RO BHS back tuck!

Taelyn - Standing back tuck!

Katie C. - Side aerial cross ways!

Ricki - Sole circle in straps!

Bella - BHS back tuck!

Emily A. - Full twist!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cally - Back handspring to stomach!

Taelyn - Free hip in straps!

Hudsyn - 1 1/2 twist!

Emily A. - First double back off double mini!

Summit Invitational Results

Capital City had 9 female athletes participate in the Summit Invitational in Canmore last weekend. Many of our P1 girls tried P2 for their first time, and performed many new skills. Hudsyn A. tried P4 for the first time and did great. Highlights included Brooklyn L., Adrienne L. and Ainsley W. competing their back tucks on floor for the first time, Katie L. and Isabel F. competing front tuck step outs on floor and front tuck dismounts on beam.  All the P2 girls vaulted to their feet for the first time, and showed kip routines on bars.

Adrienne L. was 1st on bars, and 2nd all around
Isabel F. was 3rd on bars

Brooklynn L. was 3rd on vault and 3rd all around
Katie L. was 2nd on vault and 5th all around
Ainsley W. stuck her beam routine, and placed 8th all around

Emily A. was 2nd all around
Hudsyn A. won bars, beam and floor and all around
Hallie L. was 2nd on vault and 3rd on bars and 4th all around

Coach Georgia ran with Cindy Law 19km from Canmore to Banff!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Western Canadian Championships Results

Congratulation to the 7 of our WAG athletes who qualified to compete at Western Canadian Championships in Winnipeg from May 2nd to May 5th.  Our Capital City ladies had a great time, had awesome results, and came home with a total of 10 medals!   

Click here for full results.

Highlights from the weekend:
  • P5 Novice - Katie C. competed Friday morning and her team placed 1st AA by over 3.5 points.  Katie also placed 7th AA and qualified to event finals on bars, beam, and floor.  
  • National Open - Sara M. & Raquel competed Friday afternoon and their team earned 3rd place.  Sara M. stuck her beam and made beam finals.  
  • P5 Tyro - Juliana competed on Saturday morning and had a fantastic meet, finishing 5th AA and 3rd on vault.  Juliana's team team rocked it and was 1st place by 2 points.
  • PN Aspire - Erin P., Aryana, and Sarah N. also competed Saturday morning and each contributed to their team earning gold!  Sarah N. placed 3rd AA and Erin P. was 3rd on vault.

P5 Novice Team - Katie C. in middle

National Opens - Raquel and Sara M.

PN Aspires & P5 Tyro - Sarah N., Aryana, Juliana, & Erin P.

Girls looking all pretty for the dance!

Lovely ladies!