Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Western Canadian Championships - April 24-27th

Capital City had 9 WAG athletes represent Alberta at Western Canadian Championships from April 24th to 27th in Saskatoon, SK.  Alberta was strong and our Capital City athletes were great contributors to their teams.  Congrats to all our girls for an amazing job!

P5 Tyro Team:

First place team!!
Taelynn received bronze on vault and bars and placed 4th AA
Grace was 4th on beam

P5 Novice Team:

3rd place team! 
Shaleisa made bar finals and placed 3rd on bars in finals
All our CCGC girls at Finals (Elizabeth, Abigail, Brooklyn, Jordyn, and Shaliesa) 

P5 Open Team:
2nd place team!
Brooklyn M. made bar and floor finals.  In finals Brooklyn earned 4th on floor and 6th on bars.  

National Novice:
2nd place team!
Elizabeth made floor finals and got 5th on floor in finals.

National Open:
2nd place team!
Jordyn S. made floor and bar finals.  In finals Jordyn took home a bronze medal and got 4th on floor.
Abigail made beam finals and came 7th on beam in finals. 

Click here for full results.

Samantha Gourley is on Gymnastics Coaching . com!

Click here to see the article and video on our Samantha Gourley! 

Sam is such a great role to all our athletes on how to be positive and overcome obstacles. We are excited to support Sam in her interest to pursue a career in the NCAA!  

Shane - Tuck flyaway!

Shane - Handspring 1/1!

Taryn - Standing back tuck off box!

Dominic - Tuck on jump to high bar!

Taryn - Tuck on jump to high bar!

Chloe C. - Kip handstand sole circle!

Sarah N. - Double pike flyaway!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Provincial Championships/ Trials to Nationals - April 11-13th

Capital City had 31 athletes compete at Provincials / Trials to Nationals this past weekend in Lethbridge.   We had 5 of our athletes make National and our girls earned a  total of 41 medals over the weekend.  Congratulations to all our athletes for their hard work this season!

Our 5 Athletes who made Nationals:
  • Alyson Arcand - HP Junior
  • Sarah Nicholls - National Novice
  •  Jordyn Sellin - National Open
  • Raquel Tonn - National Open
  • Abigail Fuller - National Open
** We also earned 2 coaching spots - 1 for National Open Team and one for High Performance Junior.  

Special Awards:
At Provincials there is a special award given for each event in each category.  Capital City was given MANY of these prestigious awards!  Congrats to our following ladies and a special thanks to our gyms choreographers (Katie Castle and Ashley Sportun):
  • Erin P. - most dynamic vault and best beam choreography 
  • Aryana P. - most dynamic bars
  • Sarah - most dynamic vault
  • Abigail - best floor choreography 
  • Emily A. - best floor choreography and most dynamic bars
  • Brooklyn M. - most dynamic bars
  • Katie C. - best beam and floor choreography 
  • Shae - best beam choreography 
  • Taelynn - best floor choreography and most dynamic vault
  • Taylor - best floor choreography 

Weekend medal winners:
  • P2 Argo - Jamie 3rd on vault, 2nd on beam, and 3rd AA
  • P3 Argo - Grace T. 1st on vault.  Adrienne 3rd on vault.  Ricki 2nd on floor.
  • P3 Tyro - Ariana H. 1st on vault.
  • P4 Tyro - Emily A. 2nd on vault, beam, floor, and AA.  Olivia 2nd on bars and 3rd on beam.
  • P5 Tyro - Erin 2nd on vault, beam, floor, and AA.  Hudsyn 3rd AA.  Grace R. 2nd on bars and 3rd on floor.  Taelynn 3rd on vault.  Jordann G. 3rd on  beam.
  • P3 Novice - Kendra 2nd on beam.
  • P5 Novice - Shaleisa 1st on bars.
  • P5 Open - Brooklyn 2nd on bars, 3rd on beam and floor, and 2nd AA.  Katie 1st on beam and floor.
  • National Novice - Aryana P. 3rd on bars.
  • National Open - Jordyn S. 3rd on bars, floor, and AA.  Chloe 3rd on vault.  Sam G. 1st on beam and floor (the two events she competes!!)
  • High Performance Junior - Alyson 3rd on vault, bars, and floor, 1st on beam (with a 14.4!), and 2nd AA.
  • Pre Novice Aspire - Shae 2nd on floor.
Click here for full results.

Our P5 Tyro's and Open's

Samantha J. and Jamie - P2 Argo

Our P3 Argo's with Ashley and Katie

Katie's National Novice girls

Grace Toner made the front page of the Lethbridge Herald

Alyson A. - 2nd AA in HP Junior

Our National Open's on Day 2

Capital City's Samantha Ward receives Newcomer of the Year at Illinois State! Congrats Sam :)

Samantha J. - Kip cast to handstand!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Northern Zones & Trials to Westerns Results - March 28-30th

Our P1 to P3 athletes competed at Northern Zones on March 28th to 29th at the Go Center.  Congratulations to Jamie, Samantha J., Ricki, Adrienne, Grace T., and Ariana H. for qualifying in the top 12 AA and making Provincials!

Click here for full Northern Zone results.

Ricki won best floor choreography

Grace T. won most dynamic vault

Our P5, Pre Novice, and National girls competed at Trials to Western on March 29th and 30th at the Go Center.  We are proud of all our girls at tried out and are pleased to announce that we have 9 girls who made Team Alberta!  Westerns will take place in Saskatoon at the end of April.

Here are our athletes that made Team Alberta for Westerns:

  • P5 Tyro - Grace R. & Taelynn
  • P5 Novice - Shaleisa
  • P5 Open - Brooklyn M. (Team coach Ashley)
  • National Novice - Elizabeth
  • National Open - Abigail, Jordyn, Raquel, & Chloe (Team coach Kristi)

Click here for full Trials to Westerns results.